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Airborne Grafix – first choice for aerial advertisement

With over 15 years experience in the field of advertising on blimps, zeppelins and airplanes, we offer complete project handling from a single source - conception and consulting, design, production and installation of complete brandings, which will attract the attention of all viewers on the ground.

Based in the town of Friedrichshafen/Germany, the home of the Zeppelin, we know exactly how an effective airship branding has to look like – and how it has to be planned and installed. We only use high quality aviation certified materials which guarantee UV protection, adhesive power and shining colours.    

  • Aviation certified materials
  • a huge variety of colours
  • Digital printing
  • fast and uncomplicated realisation
  • many years of experience in working on airships
zeppelin-bregenzer1.jpg zeppelin-bregenzer2.jpg zeppelin-nickelodeon1.jpg zeppelin-nickelodeon2.jpg zeppelin-nickelodeon3.jpg zeppelin-farmers1.jpg zeppelin-farmers2.jpg zeppelin-farmers3.jpg zeppelin-farmers4.jpg zeppelin-goodyear1.jpg zeppelin-goodyear2.jpg zeppelin-up1.jpg zeppelin-up2.jpg zeppelin-flywithme1.jpg zeppelin-flywithme2.jpg zeppelin-flywithme3.jpg zeppelin-stella1.jpg zeppelin-stella2.jpg zeppelin-mastercard1.jpg zeppelin-mastercard2.jpg zeppelin-debeers1.jpg zeppelin-debeers2.jpg zeppelin-debeers3.jpg zeppelin-mainau1.jpg zeppelin-mainau2.jpg zeppelin-mainau3.jpg zeppelin-bmw1.jpg zeppelin-bmw2.jpg zeppelin-bmw3.jpg

Skyship 600, Voliris 900, RosAero AU 30, Aeros 40D – we've worked on many types of airships, in different countries all over the globe. Therefore we know exactly about the singularities and characteristics of those airships and how an effective branding on it has to look like.

  • Aviation certified materials
  • a huge variety of colours
  • Digital printing
  • fast and uncomplicated realisation
  • many years of experience in working on airships
blimp-royal-thai1.jpg blimp-royal-thai2.jpg blimp-royal-thai3.jpg blimp-royal-thai4.jpg blimp-total1.jpg blimp-total2.jpg blimp-total3.jpg blimp-total4.jpg blimp-total5.jpg blimp-allegro1.jpg blimp-allegro2.jpg blimp-lachaine1.jpg blimp-lachaine2.jpg blimp-lachaine3.jpg blimp-vulcania1.jpg blimp-vulcania2.jpg blimp-vulcania3.jpg blimp-skoda1.jpg blimp-skoda2.jpg blimp-skoda3.jpg blimp-globacom1.jpg blimp-globacom2.jpg blimp-globacom3.jpg blimp-girsberger1.jpg blimp-girsberger2.jpg blimp-bongo1.jpg blimp-bongo2.jpg blimp-bongo3.jpg blimp-bongo4.jpg blimp-bongo5.jpg

Aerial advertisement, especially on airships, is a fascinating way to present your ideas. It offers an unlimited potential and almost everything is possible. Here you can find some interesting concepts to fuel your inspiration.

inspiration-shark.jpg inspiration-vw.jpg inspiration-shamrock.jpg inspiration-caterpillar.jpg inspiration-planet51.jpg inspiration-you-will-be-back.jpg inspiration-daiwa.jpg inspiration-asahi.jpg inspiration-moonalice.jpg inspiration-cheese.jpg

Oldtimers, air racing planes, modern sea planes – general aviation has many faces. And we love to work on those faces. Our aviation certified materials and experience make sure your aeroplane is in good and creative hands.

  • located in immediate vicinity to the airport FHD
  • only aviation certified materials are used
  • many years of experience in working with aeroplanes and airships
genav-do24-1.jpg genav-do24-2.jpg genav-do24-3.jpg genav-ikarus1.jpg genav-sray1.jpg genav-sray2.jpg genav-sray3.jpg genav-sray4.jpg genav-redbull1.jpg genav-redbull2.jpg

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